Sentence Examples

  • The walls are in many places coated with stucco adorned with frescoes, including palms, doves, labara and other Christian symbols.
  • The commonest birds are pigeons (the large notou and other varieties), doves, parrots, kingfishers and ducks.
  • The avifauna resembles that of Madagascar; there are species of a peculiar genus of caterpillar shrikes (Campephagidae), as well as of the genera Pratincola, Hypsipetes, Phedina, Tchitrea, Zosterops, Foudia, Collocalia and Coracopsis, and peculiar forms of doves and parakeets.
  • There are 35 species of pigeons and doves, many of them most beautifully coloured and all edible.
  • A large number of statues have been found in the villa, and costly foreign marbles and fine mosaic pavements, some of the last being preserved in situ, while among others may be named the mosaic of the doves in the Capitol and that of the masks in the Vatican.