Sentence Examples

  • Although the kit comes with double-faced adhesive squares, these are only used to hold the frame strips in place while the glue dries.
  • It's made of double-faced polyester fleece and has zippered pockets and elasticized armholes and hem and is recyclable.
  • One reason was the intellectual difficulty of the subject and the double-faced character of all arguments from statistics, which were either incomprehensible or disputable; another was the fact that substantially this was a political movement, and that tariff reform was, after all, only one in a complexity of political issues, most of which during this period were being interpreted by the electorate in a sense hostile to the Unionist party.
  • The Polish rising of 1863 came just in time to prevent a threatened Franco-Russian alliance; the timid and double-faced attitude of both France and Austria during the revolt left them isolated in Europe, while Bismarcks ready assistance to Russia assured at least the benevolent neutrality in the coming struggle with the Habsburg power.