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Another word for delimitate

  1. To fix the limits of

      1. A reference standard or sample used for the quantitative comparison of properties:
      2. A unit specified by a scale, such as an inch, or by variable conditions, such as a day's march.
      3. A system of measurement, such as the metric system.
      1. A visible trace or impression, such as a line or spot:
      2. A name, logo, or other indicator used to indicate ownership, origin, or level of quality.
      3. A notch made in an animal's ear or hide to indicate ownership.
      1. The point, edge, or line beyond which something ends, may not go, or is not allowed:
      2. The boundary surrounding a specific area; bounds:
      3. Something that restricts or restrains; a restraint:
      1. To establish or ascertain definitely, as after consideration, investigation, or calculation:
      2. To give direction to by making decisions; devise or control:
      3. To decide or settle (a dispute, for example) conclusively and authoritatively.
      1. To set the boundaries of; delimit.
      2. To separate clearly as if by boundaries; distinguish:
      1. To establish the limits or boundaries of; demarcate.
      1. To leap forward or upward; spring.
      2. To progress by forward leaps or springs.
      3. To bounce; rebound.
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