Sentence Examples

  • Other options for cardio/aerobic workouts are cardio spinning, swimming laps, speed walking, biking, cross-country skiing/snowshoeing, playing tennis/basketball/soccer...even playing a game of tag with your kids is aerobic exercise.
  • For example, give the man who dreams of buying a Harley Davidson and going on a cross-country road trip a weekend bike rental gift certificate, map and gift certificates to unique places along a highlighted route.
  • The names that you know and trust when it comes to considering a pair of shoes for basketball, running, and cross-country also come into play when you consider picking up a pair for your tennis needs.
  • The school has several active sports teams with men's varsity sports in basketball, cross-country, and golf and women's varsity teams in basketball, cross-country, softball, tennis and volleyball.
  • If you're interested in a recreational vehicle for a single vacation, such as a cross-country trip to attend a wedding or graduation, renting an RV may be a better option than buying.