Sentence Examples

  • If a parent, teacher, or other adult simply tells the child, "Don't take Sally's crayon," the child will believe only that taking Sally's crayon is wrong, while taking a crayon from Juan, or a cookie from Sally, is okay.
  • If you have no other wax available, or simply wish to make a candle strictly from crayon wax, you can follow instructions for any basic candle project, substituting the crayons for the wax.
  • Another possibility is to get a box of 26 crayons, have the players color in one Bingo box for every color except one and then picking colors for the caller is as easy as picking a random crayon out of the box.
  • If you're planning on tackling these crayon candle projects with your kids, or even on your own, make sure to read up on candle making safety before you begin.
  • I called this section body art because if you put the paper on the ground there's sure to be a crayon outline of each of your children before the day is over.