Sentence Examples

  • I.): " Raise the sight, and if it keeps in line with a plumb bob, it can be as confidently relied upon as the line of metal, if the trunnions are horizontal.
  • The possibility of miracles is often confidently denied.
  • Finally it has become apparent that many problems hitherto left for political economy to solve belong more properly to the moralist, if not to the moral philosopher, and it may be confidently expected that with the increased complexity of social life and the disappearance of many sanctions of morality hitherto regarded as inviolable, the future will bring a renewed and practical 1 Cf.
  • Some French authorities confidently put forward a claim that Guillaume le Testu, of Provence, sighted the continent in 1531.
  • His opponents had confidently predicted that he would fail utterly in the House of Commons.