Sentence Examples

  • As of June 30, 2010, Axis Capital reported total assets of $16.6 billion, as well as shareholders' equity of $5.5 billion and total capitalization of $6.5 billion.
  • I love finding the subtext in the words, and putting emphasis on them, with either color, change in the style of the calligraphy word, capitalization, or placement.
  • These laws are to prevent fictitious capitalization and " stock-watering."
  • The line was to be constructed in sections of zoo kilometres (125 m.) each, and as the complete plans and drawings of each were presented at the times and in the order specified in the convention, the government was to deliver to the concessionnaires government securities representing the capitalization of the annuity accruing to that section.
  • (7) Hungary to be entitled to redeem her share of the old Austrian debt (originally bearing interest at 5 and now at 4.2%) at the rate of 4.3 2 5% within the next ten years; if not redeemed within ten years the rate of capitalization to decrease annually by -% until it reaches 4.2%.