Sentence Examples

  • In Metal Gear Solid 4, our erstwhile special-ops hero, Solid Snake, is now a grizzled veteran facing legions of bipedal robots - and doubtlessly, he also is up against a cadre of superpowered bad guys and the usual save-the-world situation.
  • Or perhaps your drum major is a baton twirler who has distinguished herself among the cadre and has now moved to show off her skills at the front of the line.
  • Still, there's something to be said for the benefits of free weights -- it's hard to cheat during a classic squat -- and it quite obviously works, as evidenced by Arnold and his cadre in the days of yore.
  • A relative newcomer to the jewelry industry's cadre of designer engagement rings, Ritani is nonetheless one of the most distinctive designers in high diamond fashion today.
  • The personnel consists of a cadre, reserve and about 17,000 conscripts.