Sentence Examples

  • To perform the auditory brainstem response (ABR) test, headphones are placed on the infant or child and electrophysiological responses from the scalp and ears are recorded in response to tones sent through the headphones.
  • An automated auditory brainstem response (ABR) test, or brainstem auditory-evoked response (BAER) test, in which brainstem responses to sounds are monitored through small electrodes taped to the child's head.
  • Some electrophysiological tests are the auditory brainstem response (ABR) test, auditory steady-state response (ASSR) testing, electroencephalic audiometry (EEG) test, and otoacoustic emission testing (OAE).
  • When poliovirus invades the brainstem (the stalk of brain which connects the two cerebral hemispheres with the spinal cord, called bulbar polio), a person may begin to have trouble breathing and swallowing.
  • Long-term therapy begins by stopping any treatments for other diagnoses such as asthma, and treating any underlying conditions, such as brainstem compression or GERD, affecting the disorder.