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Another word for bobwhite

      1. Any of a number of small, short-tailed gallinaceous birds (family Phasianidae), including the bobwhite
      2. Any of various primarily ground-dwelling birds of the genus Coturnix, especially C. coturnix, small in size and having mottled brown plumage and a short tail.
      3. Any of various similar or related birds of the Americas, such as the bobwhite or the California quail.
      1. Any of a number of medium-sized, short-tailed gallinaceous birds (family Phasianidae), esp., an Old World species (Perdix perdix) with an orange-brown head, a grayish neck, and a rust-colored tail, now established in N U.S.
      2. Any of several game birds, such as the ruffed grouse or the bobwhite, similar to a partridge.
      3. Any of various birds resembling the partridge, as the ruffed grouse
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