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Another word for blow-by-blow

  1. Characterized by attention to detail

      1. Not of primary importance; incidental
      2. Having to do with, or depending on, circumstances
      3. Full of pomp or display; ceremonial
      1. Characterized by attention to detail and thoroughness of treatment.
      2. Marked by careful attention to detail
      3. Characterized by abundant use of detail or thoroughness of treatment:
      1. Having a base runner at first, second, and third base:
      2. Complete in every particular:
      3. Possessing both parents in common:
      1. Characterized by careful scrutiny and close examination:
      2. Of, characterized by, or attentive to tiny details; exact; precise
      3. Not worthy of notice; insignificant:
      1. Distinctive among others of the same group, category, or nature; noteworthy or exceptional:
      2. Of, belonging to, or associated with a specific person, group, thing, or category; not general or universal:
      3. Of, relating to, or providing details; precise:
      1. Painstakingly accurate or careful:
      2. That is completely (the thing specified); out-and-out; absolute
      3. Very exact, accurate, or painstaking, esp. with regard to details
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