Sentence Examples

  • Nerva seems nevertheless to have soon wearied of the uncongenial task of governing, and his anxiety to be rid of it was quickened by the discovery that not even his blameless life and mild rule protected him against intrigue and disaffection.
  • On its southern banks, from east to west, dwell the "blameless Aethiopians" in, perfect happiness, and beyond it on the west, in the realms of eternal night, the "Cimmerians," wrapped in fogs and darkness.
  • He was an earnest, devout Christian, and a man of blameless life.
  • His simple and blameless life, his conscientious discharge of duty, and his devotion to the needs of the poor had won for him such a name that, despite the opposition of France, he was chosen to succeed Clement X.
  • He was, however, blameless in morals and reverent in religion.