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Another word for asset

  1. All things, such as money, property, or goods, having economic value.

      1. The necessary means, especially financial means:
      2. That with which something can be done; necessary means, esp. money
      3. The ability and means required to accomplish some task.
      1. (Econ.) Everything having economic value measurable in price
      2. The state of having much money or property; affluence
      3. Goods and resources having value in terms of exchange or use:
      1. Something that lies ready for use or that can be drawn upon for aid or to take care of a need
      2. Ability to deal promptly and effectively with problems, difficulties, etc.; resourcefulness
      3. The ability to deal with a difficult or troublesome situation effectively; resourcefulness:
      1. Something having a position, quality, or condition midway between extremes; a medium.
      2. The average value of a set of numbers.
      3. (Mathematics) A number that typifies a set of numbers, such as a geometric mean or an arithmetic mean.
      1. A person's condition or standing in life determined by material possessions or financial wealth:
      2. The entity or power believed by some to bring good or bad luck to people; luck; chance; fate
      3. Success, especially when at least partially resulting from luck:
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