Sentence Examples

  • Students of Scripture, in those times were simply anxious for the authority of the Scriptures, not for the ascertainment of their precise historical origin.
  • The successive entries of the moon and planets into the nakshatras (the ascertainment of which was of great astrological importance) were fixed by means of their conjunctions with the yogataras.
  • This is the case with the Homeric poems, the ascertainment of the original form of which is a task beyond the powers of criticism.
  • (3) Foreign law can only be proved in English courts - and the same rule applies in Scotland - (a) by obtaining an opinion on the subject from a superior court of the country whose laws are in dispute under the Foreign Law Ascertainment Act 1861 or the British Law Ascertainment Act 1859, or (b) by the evidence of a lawyer of the country whose law is in question, or who has studied it in that country, or of an official whose position requires, and therefore presumes, a sufficient knowledge of that law.
  • The German explorers excavated the Stadium so far as was necessary for the ascertainment of all essential points.