Sentence Examples

  • She regularly foils the evil environmental escapades of her archenemy Dr. Botanicus.
  • Chronicling the exploits of Zim, an alien visitor bent on destroying earth, his frenetic and hilarious robot GIR, and Dib, his archenemy, Invader Zim took a dark and witty look at modern life.
  • Dr. Ivo Robotnik is the antagonist of the Sonic games and usually the archenemy of Sonic.
  • Richard's death, in April 1199, removed his archenemy, and Richard's successor, John, concluded the treaty of Le Goulet with Philip on the 22nd of May 1200, ceding to him the county of Evreux, Gravy and Issoudun, and the suzerainty of Berry and Auvergne.