Sentence Examples

  • The long stretch of waterless desert between Jauf and J.
  • The karez is a system of underground channelling which usually taps a sub-surface water supply at the foot of some of the many rugged and apparently waterless hills which cover the face of the country.
  • - Notwithstanding the long drought, it must not be supposed that Palestine is a waterless country, except in certain districts.
  • The second entailed a desert march of about 250 m., of which one section, Obak-Bir Mahoba (52 m.), was waterless, and the rest had an indifferent water supply (except at Ariab, about half-way to Berber), capable, however, of considerable development.
  • From the latitude of Bagdad northward the region between the two rivers is an arid, waterless, limestone steppe, inhabited only by roving Arabs.

What's another word for waterless?

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