Sentence Examples

  • If you don't have time to hand wash your bras and the tags say that they're machine washable, you can use a mesh lingerie bag on the gentle cycle to extend the life of the bra (though maybe not as much as handwashing would).
  • Highly Absorbent Washable Inner Pad: What does the majority of the work (and works even more efficiently after repeated washings) is the thin, invisible pad sewn into the inner crotch piece of the underwear.
  • While most men's compression shorts will say they are machine washable, you will enjoy the best performance for the longest amount of time if you wash them in cold water on a gentle cycle and dry them flat.
  • Home Health Direct has a pair of heavy-duty washable briefs for $31.00 that were designed to remain comfortable and lightweight while wicking away moisture and locking it into a safety pocket.
  • Consider your fabric choice: opt for machine washable fabrics if you want a lower-maintenance ruffle or if you have a household with children or pets where it may need cleaned more frequently.