Sentence Examples

  • 25, C) to the inner face of the vesicle, thus forming the mesoblast.
  • 8); the primitively open cup has now closed over to form a vesicle lying beneath the ectoderm; the outer wall of the vesicle becomes thickened to form a cellular lens (1), while the proximal wall consists of sensory and pigmented cells and forms a retina.
  • M, The water - pore, leading by the stone - canal stc to the waterring, from which hangs a Polian vesicle pb.
  • It contains a closed vesicle regarded by Schepotieff as a right probosciscavity and in any case representing the pericardium of Balangolossus, the glomerulus of which is also probably represented.
  • RHIPIDOGL0ssA.-Aspidobranchia with a palliovisceral anastomosis (dialyneurous); eye-vesicle closed, with crystalline lens; ctenidia, osphradia and hypobranchial glands paired or single.