Sentence Examples

  • The last word was upturned, as if it were a question.
  • The idea is still better confirmed farther north in Wyoming, where the Laramie Range, flanked with upturned strata on the east and west, is for the most part a broad upland at altitudes of 7000 or 8000 ft., with no strong surmounting summits, and as yet no deep carved valleys.
  • Lq The sporophyll, usually almost horizontal in position, has an upturned lamina beyond the sporangium, and a shorter dorsal lobe, so that the form of the whole is somewhat peltate.
  • The upturned tips of the bracts are only shown in every alternate verticil.
  • Ater, in which they are bright red, and this bird is further remarkable for its laterally compressed and much upturned bill.

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