Sentence Examples

  • To him also belongs the great merit of liberating Russian preaching from the fetters of Polish turgidity and affectation by introducing popular themes and a simple style into Orthodox pulpit eloquence.
  • The response to the stimulus takes the form of increasing the permeability of particular cells of the growing structures, and so modifying the degree of the turgidity that is the precursor of growth in them.
  • The small pulvini of the leaflets, by similar changes of the distribution of turgidity, take up their respective position.s after receiving the stimulus.
  • In some cases the two sides of the pulvini vary their turgidity in.
  • More slowly, but yet in the same way, we may note the change in turgidity of certain cells of the Droscra tentacles, as they close over the imprisoned insect.

What's another word for turgidity?

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