Sentence Examples

  • The leaves, which are borne in pairs at the tumid nodes, are oval in form and have a Dicotyledonous type of venation.
  • There are some pleasing passages in Arnobius, but on the whole he is a tumid and a tedious author.
  • The long, slender stems, somewhat tumid at the nodes, were ribbed, the ribs running continuously through the nodes, a fact correlated with the superposition of the whorled leaves, the number of which in each verticil was some multiple of 3, and usually 6.
  • In some species certain of the legs bear on their ventral sides furrows with tumid lips and lined by smooth non-tuberculate epithelium; they are called coxal organs, and it appears that they can be everted.
  • The tentacles surround an area known as the peristome, in the middle of which there is an elongated mouth-opening surrounded by tumid lips.

What's another word for tumid?

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