Sentence Examples

  • After removal from the machine, the tumbler is severed from the blowing iron, and its fractured edge is trimmed.
  • The " Igel," a squat tumbler covered with prunts, gave rise to the " Krautsrunk," which is like the " Igel," but longer and narrow-waisted.
  • When a little soil is shaken up with water in a tumbler the sand particles rapidly fall to the bottom and form a layer which resembles ordinary sand of the seashore or river banks.
  • - Place a tin canister on a warm tumbler and connect it by a wire with the gold-leaf electroscope.
  • I took up the chip on which the three I have particularly described were struggling, carried it into my house, and placed it under a tumbler on my window-sill, in order to see the issue.

What's another word for tumbler?

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