Sentence Examples

  • You can choose designs to adorn the sides of the rings, maybe a gymnast on a balance beam to signify your participation in gymnastics or a musical note for the marching band.
  • Years later, when professional wrestler and gymnast Albert Earl Carter published his 1979 book, "The Miracles of Rebound Exercise," mini-trampoline sales skyrocketed.
  • The original opening music was titled Cotton's Dream, but the title was changed to Nadia's Theme when gymnast Nadia Comaneci used it for her Olympics routine in 1976.
  • Nadia Comaneci - This Olympic gymnast is known around the world for being the first person to earn a perfect score of 10 in any Olympic gymnastic event.
  • Shawn Johnson is a seasoned gymnast, no stranger to physical movement, athletic precision, and a touch of grace to go along with the talent.