Sentence Examples

  • Through the whole siege 4 there was a treasonable party within the city, which - for what motives we are not told - kept up a correspondence with the besiegers.
  • When on the 1 4 th of December the troops who had already taken the oath to Constantine were ordered to take another to Nicholas, it was easy to persuade them that this was a treasonable plot against the true emperor.
  • Pietro Della Vigna, accused of treasonable designs, was disgraced; and the once all-powerful favourite and minister, blinded now and in rags, was dragged in the emperor's train, as a warning to traitors, till in despair he dashed out his brains.
  • The king of Jerusalem, Abd-Hiba, the second part of whose name has been thought to represent the Hebrew Yahweh, 7 reports thus to the Pharaoh, " If (Egyptian) troops come this year, lands and princes will remain to the king, my lord; but if troops come not, these lands and princes will not remain to the king, my lord.8 Abd-Hiba's chief trouble arose from persons called Milkili and the sons of Lapaya, who are said to have entered into a treasonable league with the Habiri.
  • Polish historians, dazzled by his genius and valour, are apt to overlook his quasi-treasonable conduct and blame Sigismund III.

What's another word for treasonable?

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