Sentence Examples

  • The methods of threshing and winnowing were the same as those in use in ancient Egypt.
  • His altar and threshing-floor were shown on the Rarian plain near Eleusis; hence he is sometimes called the son of Rarus.
  • After the rush of the threshing is over the farmer studies these books carefully to see what his land is doing, and makes his plans for the next year, so as to rest or strengthen those divisions which are failing.
  • We learn that the destroying angel was stayed at the threshing-floor of Araunah the Jebusite,' and the spot thus sanctified was made a sanctuary, and commemorated by an altar.
  • The steam-engine first took the place of horses as a threshing power in 1803, but it was not until after 1850 that it was applied to the plough and cultivator.