Sentence Examples

  • In the canonical Old Testament angels may inflict suffering as ministers of God, and Satan may act as accuser or tempter; but they appear as subordinate to God, fulfilling His will; and not as morally evil.
  • 5), the tempter, the 7rovnpos (Matt.
  • Simon is warned against him, and Judas yields to him as tempter (Luke xxii.
  • He is the tempter (1 Thess.
  • "Satan appears in Scripture under four leading characters: - first as the tempter of freedom, who desires to bring to decision, secondly as the accuser, who by virtue of the law retorts criminality on man; thirdly as the instrument of the Divine, which brings evil and death upon men; fourthly and lastly he is described, especially in the New Testament, as the enemy of God and man."

What's another word for tempter?

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