Sentence Examples

  • Its distinctive features are pulpit and auditorium, and it is symbolical of the complete equality of ministers and congregation.
  • Meyer also published an edition of the New Testament, with a translation (1829) and a Latin version of the symbolical books of the Lutheran Church (1830).
  • The sacrifice of foreign prisoners before a god, a regular scene on temple walls, is perhaps only symbolical, at any rate for the later days of Egyptian history, but foreign intruders must often have suffered rude treatment at the hands of the Egyptians, in spite of the generally mild character of the latter.
  • Further, in comparing the labours of Archimedes and Vieta, the effect of increased power of symbolical expression is very noticeable.
  • 75, 123) Pegasus, like Anion the fabled offspring of Demeter and Poseidon, was a curse-horse, symbolical of the rapidity with which curses were fulfilled.

What's another word for symbolical?

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