Sentence Examples

  • The early history of the country is the story of a struggle for supremacy between the cities.
  • In May he refused to take the oath of supremacy, acquiring like his colleagues consistency with old age.
  • The supremacy of the emperor is not called in question.
  • It is probable that the island was not dorized before the 9th century B.C. One of the earliest facts known to us in its history is its membership in the League of Calauria, which included, besides Aegina, Athens, the Minyan (Boeotian) Orchomenos, Troezen, Hermione, Nauplia and Prasiae, and was probably an organization of states which were still Mycenaean, for the suppression of the piracy which had sprung up in the Aegean as a result of the decay of the naval supremacy of the Mycenaean princes.
  • A second great event was the fourth crusade, undertaken in 1198, which established the naval and commercial supremacy of the Italians in the Mediterranean.

What's another word for supremacy?

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