Sentence Examples

  • The chief industry is stationery, particularly the printing of business cards.
  • A slim or thin wedding program will offer plenty of scope for a choice of fonts and many wedding stationery supply stores and designers will be able to show you examples to help you choose.
  • Blank invitations may be less expensive than engraved invitations from a designer stationery firm, but couples should be aware that extra embellishments can add significantly to the final cost.
  • Stationery Grill: With a stationery grill, it can be difficult to make sure that food stays just the right distance from the fire while it is cooking, often resulting in edges that are a bit more crispy than the chef would prefer.
  • Many other individual boutique stores, however, also carry Yankee Candle merchandise, so be sure to check local gift stores, home décor stores, stationery stores, and similar merchants for their collections.