Sentence Examples

  • The little car slowed to a standstill, but Katie continued spinning the tires.
  • All his acts were opposed, legislation was at a standstill and every effort was made to force Dr Saenz Pena to resign.
  • He afterwards ruled with almost absolute power in Angora, and thence conducted the counter-offensive of the Turkish Nationalists against the Greeks when the latter, in 1921, made their ineffectual forward movement in Asia Minor, which was brought to a standstill in the autumn.
  • On the latter, the Bulgarian advance had come to a standstill, as soon as King Constantine had brought up his reserves, and the counter-offensive opened on the 3rd.
  • The assault was duly delivered in the night, and came to a standstill on the Turkish wire, save at the point where the 10th Bulgarian Regt.

What's another word for standstill?

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