Sentence Examples

  • Asylrecht), in international law, the right which a state possesses, by virtue of the principle that every independent state is sole master within its boundaries, of allowing fugitives from another country to enter or sojourn upon its territory.
  • From Giessen he went to Paris, and then, after a short sojourn in Switzerland, he visited England.
  • After a brief sojourn in Cairo he speedily returned thither, thereby forfeiting his throne, which was conferred by the amirs on his brother Ismail al-Malik alSalili (June 27th, 1342).
  • In Belgium, the United Kingdom, North America and Russia the period of such sojourn is fixed at five years, in France, Greece and Sweden at three, in the Argentine Republic two, while in Portugal a residence of one year is sufficient.
  • During this sojourn in the wilderness Kruger stated that he had been especially favoured by God, who had communed with and inspired him.

What's another word for sojourn?

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