Sentence Examples

  • Nights were sleepless bouts of coughing, and days were endless hours of work.
  • After a sleepless night, he had to go to work in the morning.
  • A sleepless night and a busy day at work did little for her disposition.
  • After a sleepless night, I trod with a lofty step the ruins of the forum; each memorable spot, where Romulus stood, or Tully spoke, or Caesar fell, was at once present to my eye; and several days of intoxication were lost or enjoyed before I could descend to a cool and minute investigation."
  • 88), who describes him as "of sleepless vigilance in critical emergencies, far-seeing and knowing how to act, but in his relaxation from business more luxurious and effeminate than a woman."

What's another word for sleepless?

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