Sentence Examples

  • Each spirit, as it quits its nanja or natural haunt to enter the mother, drops a churinga, a slab of stone or wood marked with the child's totem and containing its spirit attributes.
  • In series in the order, 1000, 100, 10, i; 1, 10, 100, 1000, the junctions between each pair being connected to brass blocks, a series of which are mounted upon an ebonite slab that forms the lid of the box.
  • The site of the Black Hole is now covered with a black marble slab, and the incident is commemorated by a monument erected by Lord Curzon in 1902.
  • The Kashmir gate itself bears a slab recording the gallant deed of the party under Lieutenants D.
  • Close to the large cylinders are the inking rollers, which take the necessary amount of ink, each set from its own slab as it passes under, and these rollers convey the requisite ink to the printing surface as the forme-carriage runs under its own cylinder.

What's another word for slab?

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