Sentence Examples

  • A circlet of radially situate infrabasals (IBB) may also be present.
  • To a given point (x', y', z') not on the curve u' =0 there corresponds, not a single point, but the system of points (x, y, z) given by the equations x': y': z' = X: Y: Z, viz., regarding x', y', z' as constants (and to fix the ideas, assuming that the curves X = o, Y =0, Z =o, have no common intersections), these are the points of intersection of the curves X: Y: Z, =x': y' : z', but no one of these points is situate on the curve u = o.
  • If, however, the point (x', y', z') is situate on the curve u'=o, then one point of the system of points in question is situate on the curve u = o, that is, to a given point of the curve u' = o there corresponds a single point of the curve u =o; and hence also this point must be given by a system of equations such as x: y : z =X': Y': Z'.
  • The Sakiya clan was then seated in a tract of country probably two or three thousand square miles in extent, the chief town of which was Kapilavastu, situate about 27° 37' N.

What's another word for situate?

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