Sentence Examples

  • The periodical shedding is also necessary in order to allow of this increase in size.
  • How happy I am! cried Natasha, shedding tears of joy and excitement and embracing her mother.
  • Complaint was made to Vitellius, then legate of Syria, and Pilate was sent to Rome to answer for his shedding of innocent blood.
  • Bloodshed could only be atoned by blood-money or by shedding the blood of the offender or of his family.
  • It was an exciting chase of king by king, in which each covered the ground by incredible exertions, shedding their slower-going followers as they went, past Rhagae (Rai) and the Caspian gates, till early one morning Alexander came in sight of the broken train which still clung to the fallen king.

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