Sentence Examples

  • All living and sentient things are formed out of insentient atoms.
  • Its warm touch seemed so like a human caress, I really thought it was a sentient being, capable of loving and protecting me.
  • Finally, in the spirit of Plato's Phaedo and the dialogue Eudemus, the Protrepticus holds that the soul is bound to the sentient members of the body as prisoners in Etruria are bound face to face with corpses; whereas the later view of the De Anima is that the soul is the vital principle of the body and the body the necessary organ of the soul.
  • Flesh-eating entailing necessarily an immense volume of pain upon the sentient animal creation should be abstained from by the "higher classes" in the evolutionary scale.
  • If there were no sentient beings in existence, the secondary qualities would cease to exist, " except perhaps as unknown modes of the primary, or, if not, as something still more obscure."