Sentence Examples

  • Fortunately for knowledge, respect for the sacredness of the letter has led to the collection of all the revelations that could possibly be collected - the " abrogating " along with the " abrogated," passages referring to passing circumstances as well as those of lasting importance.
  • The sacredness of the number seven is based on the seven planetary deities to whom each day of the week was respectively dedicated, i.e.
  • He established the freedom of the instrumentalities of the national government from adverse legislation by the states; freedom of commerce between the different states; the right of Congress to regulate the entire passenger traffic through and from the United States, and the sacredness of public franchises from legislative assault.
  • Of the seven days of the week, next to Sunday (habshaba) Thursday has a special sacredness as the day of Hibil Ziva.
  • The claim of sacredness made for it was warmly contested by some Jewish scholars.