Sentence Examples

  • The source of blessedness is not without us but within....
  • In one class of passages there is everywhere manifest a vigorous optimism as to Israel's ultimate well-being on earth, and the blessedness of the chosen people in the Messianic kingdom is sketched in glowing and sensuous colours (xxix., xxxix.
  • In B' the earthly Jerusalem is to be rebuilt, but not so in B 2; in the former the exiles are to be restored, but not in the latter; in the former a Messianic kingdom without a Messiah is expected, but no earthly blessedness of any kind in the latter, &c. B 1 = i.
  • The idea of the souls of men passing at death to the stars, the blessedness of their particular sphere being assigned them according to their deserts (the metempsychosis of J.
  • The righteous dead rise not to this kingdom but to spiritual blessedness in heaven itself - to an immortality of the soul.

What's another word for blessedness?

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