Sentence Examples

  • He made a rhyme out of the process, though he'd forgotten it again this morning.
  • To this period belong Ilafz al-Quti (the Goth?) who made a version of the Psalms in Arabic rhyme, and Bahya (more correctly Behai) ibn Paquda, dayyan at Saragossa, whose Arabic ethical treatise has always had great popularity among the Jews in its Hebrew translation, .¥Iobhoth ha-lebhabhath.
  • The prose Physiologus was done into Old High German before 1000, and afterwards into rhyme in the same idiom; since Von der Hagen (1824) its various forms have found careful editors among the leading Germanists.
  • Rhyme awareness promotes reading ability.
  • Children at Leapfrog Day Nurseries will be learning and reciting rhymes, stories and songs, while raising vital funds for I CAN.

What's another word for rhyme?

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