Sentence Examples

  • "Rendezvous threat camp," Brady said.
  • From the centre of the township) was a favourite rendezvous of the local Loyalists; and a cave there, known as "The Tories' Den," is a well-known landmark.
  • Mile End, a common on the Great Eastern Road, was long famous as a rendezvous for the troops.
  • Another rendezvous in English law; their several products may be seen all together, not interfused, but heaped one upon another, as many different ages of the earth may be read in some perpendicular section of its surface."
  • Here General Herkimer began his advance to raise the siege of Fort Schuyler (1777), and subsequently Ilion was the rendezvous of Benedict Arnold's force during the same campaign.

What's another word for rendezvous?

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