Sentence Examples

  • „ 23, Rejoicing of the Law.
  • You see that your victory is not a matter for great rejoicing and that you can't be received as a savior.
  • " On days of rejoicing," he says, " we do not shade our door-posts with laurels nor encroach upon the day-light with lamps " (die laeto non laureis postes obumbramus nec lucernis diem infringimus).
  • The city then placed itself under the protection of the emperor .Charles V., created a magistracy of "ten conservators of the liberties of the state" (December 1524), united the different monti in one named the "monte of the reigning nobles," and, rejoicing to be rid of the last of the Petrucci, dated their public books, ab instaurata libertate year I., II., and so on.
  • Re-kindle the fires of the land, the sacred fire on the teocalli of the war-god blazed up again, and the people began with feasting and rejoicing the new cycle.

What's another word for rejoicing?

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