Sentence Examples

  • The Rhine-daughters' exultant cry of " Rhine-gold " is there tortured in an extremely remote modulation at the end of a very sinister transformation of the theme; and the orchestration, with its lurid but smothered brass instruments, its penetrating low reed tones and its weird drum-roll beaten on a suspended cymbal, is more awe-inspiring than anything dreamed of by the cleverest of those composers who do not create intellectual causes for their effects.
  • Now came an exultant brief from the pope.
  • "You have nothing to regret," he said sadly to the exultant chancellor, " but I have !
  • His letters show him half-exultant and half-terrified.
  • That word startled my soul, and it awoke, full of the spirit of the morning, full of joyous, exultant song.

What's another word for exultant?

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