Sentence Examples

  • In spite of the immense rearrangement of parts there was no breach of continuity.
  • Equation (5) becomes, by a rearrangement, dK dmdm dm din dx dt +u dx + dy +Zee dz + dx (dt +u dx +v dy +w d) = o,.
  • Gruvel submitted to the Linnaean Society a rearrangement of the Lepadidae, unfortunately using for the first of his new families the preoccupied name Anaspidae.
  • The dissolution of the Cortes produced a certain rearrangement of parties.
  • Phthalimide, C6H4(CO)2NH, is formed by heating phthalic anhydride or chloride in ammonia gas or by molecular rearrangement of ortho-cyanbenzoic acid.

What's another word for rearrangement?

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