Sentence Examples

  • The military rashly interfered, and several innocent spectators were shot.
  • It has been rashly assumed by some writers that the Japanese do not study from nature.
  • Cromwell rashly sought to wed Henry to this policy, proposed Anne of Cleves as a bride for Henry, now once more a widower, and represented the marriage as Englands sole protection against a Catholic league.
  • Now, I say there is nothing more dangerous and disadvantageous to the buyer than land so left waste and out of heart; and therefore Cato counsels well to purchase land of one who has managed it well, and not rashly to despise and make light of the skill and knowledge of another."
  • "His divinity is a fire,which,under proper restraints, confers endless blessings; but if rashly touched, or allowed to break bounds, it burns or destroys what it touches.