Sentence Examples

  • The list was a scrolling queue of names.
  • In the queue, you can also see how available each title is (as indicated by a red bar that gets filled as the more copies of that game become available for rent), as well as whether a particular title is available for purchase.
  • During the course of the ride, including the preshow area and queue, more than two dozen popular Simpsons characters make appearances either as park guests, vendors, game operators, or in other Krustyland-themed roles.
  • Because of the coaster's uniqueness and popularity as one of the park's newest attractions, lines can be several hours long and guests should be sure to seek refreshments or restroom breaks before entering the queue.
  • Carnival tents, a tremendous Krusty-themed entrance, and extended clips and new ride-exclusive animation can be found throughout the queue and preshow areas to help guests feel like they are a part of Springfield.