Sentence Examples

  • Probably the widest field is still in the purification of iron and steel.
  • After purification he was sent by the Pythia to serve Eurystheus.
  • The Jew and the heathen had the gospel preached to them in the world below by Christ and his apostles, and Christians will have to pass through processes of purification and trial after death before they reach knowledge and perfect bliss.
  • The name Eupatridae survived in historical times, but the Eupatridae were then excluded from the cult of the "Semnae" at Athens, and also held the hereditary office of "expounder of the law" (7yii-r17s) in connexion with purification from the guilt of murder.
  • On the 19th of October, at the Armilustrium or purification of arms, the ancilia were again brought out and then put away for the winter.

What's another word for purification?

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