Sentence Examples

  • The beginning is given in the Authorized Version as "A prologue made by an uncertain author."
  • The Rule consists of a prologue and 73 chapters.
  • John has a metaphysical prologue; Matthew and Luke have historical prologues; and Mark is without any prologue.
  • His Amphitryons is a free imitation of the Latin, yet thoroughly national in spirit and cast in the popular redondilha; the dialogue is spirited, the situations comic. King Seleucus derives from Plutarch and has a prose prologue of real interest for the history of the stage, while Filodemo is a clever tragi-comedy in verse with prose dialogues interspersed.
  • In the prologue to the law-code of the great Babylonian monarch Khammurabi (c. 22 50 B.C.), the cities of Nineveh and Assur are both mentioned as coming under that king's beneficent influence.

What's another word for prologue?

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