Sentence Examples

  • With the systematic study of the Latin, and to a slight extent also of the Greek classics, he conjoined that of logic in the prolix system of Crousaz; and he further invigorated his reasoning powers, as well as enlarged his knowledge of metaphysics and jurisprudence, by the perusal of Locke, Grotius and Montesquieu.
  • His speeches were apt to be prolix, and he defended their prolixity on principle (i.
  • There is, however, a distinction of type and character between those of the western and southern and those of the eastern states, the former being generally more prolix, more prone to go into details, more apt to contain new experiments in legislation.
  • His controversial writings are vigorous if prolix and his theological essays have little merit.
  • They, and especially the latter, are diffuse and often lax in expression, needlessly prolix, and pompously rhetorical.

What's another word for prolix?

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