Sentence Examples

  • In consequence of this prodigality, he was always poor.
  • Under Galba, to the general astonishment, at the end of 68 he was chosen to command the army of Lower Germany, and here he made himself popular with his subalterns and with the soldiers by outrageous prodigality and excessive good nature, which soon proved fatal to order and discipline.
  • Instead of plundering to support his prodigality, he emptied his private treasury to assist distressed provinces and cities, and everywhere exercised rigid economy (hence the nickname Kv'Avowpicmis, " cummin-splitter").
  • His unbridled prodigality, by spreading a belief in unlimited resources, augmented the confidence necessary for the success of perpetual CniOIlflC, loans; until the day came when, having exhausted the 1787.
  • It was saved partly by the courage of his wife, Theodora, and partly by the timely prodigality of Narses, who stole out into the capital, and with large sums of money bribed the leaders of the "blue" faction, which was aforetime loyal to the emperor, to shout as of old "Justiniane Auguste to vincas."

What's another word for prodigality?

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