Sentence Examples

  • If a bit of stealth learning is to be incorporated into playtime, assessing the developmental areas with which the child could use a little extra help is a great way to begin.
  • Once a girl's collection of Barbies grows, it only makes sense that she have a house to extend her level of play while adding an element of reality to her Barbie playtime.
  • In addition, silk flowers are destined to become a dress up favorite, should your little flower girl choose to dress as her favorite princess or heroine during playtime.
  • Sensory issues are quite common with autism, and playtime can be used as an opportunity to address these needs with toys that integrate several types of sensory input.
  • You can purchase other Dora Playtime Together figure and furniture sets to help fill the house or provide friends for Dora to have over for play dates and sleepovers.

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